Privacern Docs


Who is behind Privacern?

Privacern is a service started by Tarnover.

We're a group of US-based developers, systems administrators, and cybersecurity experts who have grown tired of companies promising privacy and security while falling short on both. So in true startup fashion, we have founded and launched Privacern to fill the need for privacy and security when video conferencing. We have based our service on the freely available Open Source Jitsi Videobridge. We are improving the security of how it is deployed, managed, and scaled.

We believe that if you pay for a service with the expectation of privacy and security, then that is what you should get.

What is the difference between your free and paid service?

Our free service is intended to help people test out the basic service and use as a "virtual watercooler" where you can send a friend or coworker a quick link to answer a question. The virtual equivalent of ducking into someone's office for a quick chat. As opposed to a scheduled meeting that can waste time by putting off the discussion.

Privcern's paid offerings are geared toward any size organization wanting a secure video conferencing platform running on dedicated servers. As well as our custom solutions for schools and organizations needing even higher security by putting conferencing behind Virtual Private Network (VPN) connections, for example. Along with moderators or all users requiring sign-in to take part in conferences.

We are also working on a solution for online training or excercise allowing the people doing the training to track attendees and bill users for services. Please contact our sales team to discuss custom options:

What browsers support using Privacern/

We recommend using Brave

Other compatible options are:
Google Chrome

* Firefox may have some issues depending on version used

Why no phone call-in numbers?

Calling in to conferences can be a security risk. People can call-in if get the information and listen into your private discussions or record them. By not allowing the call-in we alleviate that as a risk factor. Plus, this is video conferencing not phone conferencing.

How do I become a moderator of room?

If you are the first person in a room you'll get modertor privilages. This allows you to add additional moderators, set a password, and to kick people out of the room.

Are my meetings encrypted? Is it end-to-end (E2E)?

Privacern operates in two ways. There is peer-to-peer (P2P) or via going through the Privacern network's video bridges. This is not seen by the user but is done in the background. The P2P mode is only used when there are 2 people in a room (1-to-1). Audio and video are encrypted using DTLS-SRTP from the sender to reciever across networks.

For rooms with more than 2 people they are also encrypted using DTLS-SRTP and are still encrypted acorss the network but transverse our video bridges where they are not stored on storage or memory.

What data do you keep on me?

Once a room has all attendees leave the room is destroyed. There is no data other than log data kept in relation to that room. You are not required in our free service ( to even give your actual name and email if you choose not to do so. You can find out more on this by reading our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

We'll be adding additonal FAQs here. If you have an issue or suggestion please email