Privacern Docs


Privacern Desktop

Download our optional Privacern Desktop app to be able to share control of your screen with attendees and/or if do not have a compatible browser.

Windows Windows


Unzip Then run privacern-desktop.exe

Mac Mac


Open privacern-desktop.dmg and drag into your Applications folder.
Open DMG Drag to App Folder
Note:Depending on your Mac security settings you may get an error that app can't be scanned for malicous software. We are working to fix this.

Linux Linux

AppImage Download

SHA-1: 17504203bd068d7f59fa8ba5ad3f38c0f42e7bc6

To run AppImage be sure have xz-utils installed sudo apt install xz-utils

Then simply tar -xf privacern-desktop-x86_64.tar.xz

Mobile Apps


Coming Soon!


Chat Extensions/Apps

Slack Slack App

Coming Soon!

MatterMost MatterMost

Coming Soon!

Rocket.Chat Rocket.Chat

Privacern and are fully compatible with Jitsi. Simply add the server into the server field to use.
Refer to Rocket.Chat Docs